Bora in Croatia

We decide to check in to the Dubrovnik ACI Marina for a night – enough is enough. They tell us that the “Bora” which is the name for this particular wind, will strengthen again during the day and the night and will be worse than last night. As we motor under the magnificent bridge and up the valley towards the marina, gusts of 30 knot wind hit us. The marina is tucked in at the head of the valley and looks to be surrounded with “catabatic” hills where the wind will accelerate downwards on to us. However, the water is very calm and there are lots of boats here. Most of those yachts are designed for charter. The narrow space that we are directed to squeeze into once we arrive looks impossible but somehow we manage it and it is a relief to wedge Daisy in and tie up around midday.


As the day passes and the wind increases, we are very pleased to be here. It is an interesting place with charters arriving and getting ready for their “week on the water”. We walk to the nearby village with our gas tanks and get them refilled – a job which needed to be done. By 6pm the gusts are really building and as each gust hits, the line of boats tied up all move sideways by a boat width, all in unison, like a dance. It is a good thing that the pontoon we are tied to is fixed not floating or we would be taking a further trip! Amazingly, around 9pm, the wind suddenly stops, as quickly as it has arrived the night before and there is silence. We sleep soundly and awake feeling much better.

our yacht