Dubrovnik Marina

We are awake early and decide to use the breeze to get as far as we can towards Dubrovnik before we have to motor. This strategy works well and we leave Mljet behind at 7.00am, having a rushed breakfast as we motor out through the forested fjord-like exit. It is a 30 mile passage today. We are well clear of Mljet before we have to motor the last 10 miles for our anchorage in Zaton which is a short bus ride from Dubrovnik.
We have been told about this spot by our recent Australian friends and it looks good as we reverse into the berth and pick up the laid moorings. It is well protected from the NE which is where the wind is predicted to come from overnight. It is nice to be able to walk off the boat on to dry land for a change.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

We are keen to see Dubrovnik and get the first available bus in at 3.45 pm, leaving the boat securely tied up and locked up. In Dubrovnik marina is a little far away from the city. I think it is because the companies, that charter yachts, want to have lower costs of berths, so they prefer marina outside the expensive city.