ACI Yachting Marina

We have heard from other cruisers that the walk around the top of the city walls is a must do, and we take time out to make sure that we do it.

By this time we are in the ACI Marina and it is an easy bus ride to the old city. We purchase our tickets for 50 Kuna each and off we go, with the knowledge that it is a full 2km and will probably take us 2 hours!

Split in Croatia

As we climb up the stone stairs and reach the top, a panorama awaits us. The sun is out and the Adriatic Sea over the top of the terracotta city roofs is sparkling blue. We are overwhelmed by the scale of this wonderful old city and by the sights we see as we walk around the wall. We look down from the wall into the city as we walk and the view changes dramatically with each step.

There are many places which have been damaged by the bombing from the war and it is hard to imagine the mentality of the people who would destroy such a stunning historic site. However, repairs are under way and life goes on and Dubrovnik is still beautiful. I realle recommend to charter a yacht here and sail in the surrounding area.

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We take more than two hours and finish the walk with a feeling that we have done something breathtakingly special.

Marina in Croatia