Dubrovnik – words fail us. A special city with amazing history. So beautiful we cannot believe. Built of white stone and ancient, streets polished to a shine – which picks up the light at night – by the many feet which have walked here over the centuries. We feel so privileged to be walking through these streets as we explore the old city. It is a shame to leave so early but our bus goes at 8.30pm and we are feeling a little exhausted.

Marina in Croatia

All is calm on our return so we gratefully pile into bed and are asleep in minutes. It is the familiar howling of the wind which wakes us to find that Daisy is taking the wind on her port bow and straining at the mooring line, so that we are lying at an angle against the town wall. We quickly assemble another line to the middle cleat on the port side, back to the wall and on to a winch. This seems to help and straighten us up a bit. Steve also finds another mooring line further up the quay and adds that to the one already on the bow.
There is nothing more we can do except try to sleep – fitfully I think the word is! The wind seems to be coming from the SE and is truly howling, coming in freezing cold gusts. Some charter yachts already left the harbor, but we were thinking what to do. We are fine – and the next morning it is relatively calm and the sun is shining on the ropes going in all directions from Daisy! The cockpit is a busy looking place.

Yachting in Croatia